Spring Spectacular Sale

SEK Boer Goats announces the first boer goat sale to be held March 22, 2014 at 12 noon. It will be held at the Oswego, KS fairgrounds located at 100 Woodcliffe Drive. Please keep checking back for updates. It will be live on DV Auction. Please check out the consigner's page. As we get closer there will be a photos section and each consigners offerings will be added to that page. This is a work in progress. But I do hope it's mostly complete by March 8. Keep in mind there still may be some changes. I am sure we will have transport available. Please contact the consigner closest to you as I'm sure most of them will be willg to transport. We do hope that transport is set up well in advance of the sale. Keep in mind that contacting consigners during the sale is very hard as we are all preparing our animals, talking to folks at the sale, and taking them in the ring. However, if need to please contact someone prior to bidding even day of.  Feel free to contact us, SE Kansas Boer Goat at [email protected] or see our Facebook page titled Spring Spectacular. The catalog will be on as well within 2 weeks of the sale.  Also keep in mind that the information there may be subject to change even day of the sale.

Informatiofor sale :

* Please see the catalog for information on hotels in the area

* Each Consigner is responsible for their own animals at the sale. It is ok to ask questions of others. But we request that anyone on sale site that would like to put your hands on anyone's animals please see the owner, ask permission, and never take it upon yourself to get in the pen or otherwise handle the animal without the owner there

*SE Kansas Boer Goat, The Fair Board, and no conisgner will be responsible for accidents or injuries.

*SE Kansas Boer Goat see the information presented for each animal as the responsibility of each owner of said animal. We take no responsibility for misrepresentation on the owner's part. Any disagreements about a purchase is between seller and buyer only.

*Ask questions prior to purchase if need to. I am sure each consigner may have varying ways of caring for their animals. Especially since many consigners are in different areas of the states.